CPDtv P O Box 8176 Centurion Tel 012 6674334 E-Mail : office@cpdtv.co.za
CPDtv offer annual subscriptions at the following rates:

Individual Subscription:

R3185 per annum - DVD Option
R2970 per annum - DOWNLOAD OPTION.
(Please note the download option is only suited for faster, uncapped services)

Corporate Subscription:

2 to 5 members :

DVD Option: R3015 per subscriber per annum
Download Option: R2820 per subscriber per annum

6 to 15 more members:

DVD Option: R2865 per subscriber per annum
Download Option: R2675 per subscriber per annum

Please note that although the subscription is on an annual basis it can be started at any time during the year and can also be backdated to include programmes already produced and distributed.

The subscription fee is payable by EFT, Credit Card and we also offer debit order facilities for the 2, 4 or 6 month payment period.

CPDtv reserves the right to adjust pricing at any time and the prices published on the website is the current price that will be honoured. Any registration form downloaded with old pricing on will be charged at the current published price.

To download the subscription forms, please click on the links below.