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CPDtv has produced more than 300 CPD programmes for various accounting association over the last seven years. Our presenters are true professionals with impeccable academic credentials and practical experience.

CPDtv is an annual subscription service. Our core service consists of 20 one-hour programmes that is issued and distributed between February and November each year. The mix is programmes is compiled to meet minimum requirements. We also add bonus programmes from time to time if interesting topics presents itself.

We offer two options for the service.

Our main offering is our online service which offer video, and sound files that can be viewed online or be downloaded onto your computer for later use. If the presenter provided notes to the presentation these notes are also available for download.

CPDtv has developed its own online training platform and is hosted on a secure platform and access is protected by usernames and passwords.

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The alternative service is a DVD or Flash Drive service where the same content is made available to subscribers on DVD or Flash Drives. These are couriered to subscribers bi-monthly as the programmes are released.

The assessments for the programmes are done online and subscribers can generate their certificates of completion online.

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